Additive Manufacturing Media – Article: 8 Times 3D Printing Built a Better Bracket

Brackets may not be the most exciting application for 3D printing, but they are one of the most important. Here are 8 instances where a 3D printed bracket offered advantages over a conventionally produced one.

When Editor in Chief Peter Zelinski summarized additive manufacturing’s (AM’s) opportunity in 2013, the one word he used was “brackets.” Drawing on a conversation with Dick Conrow, then-president of C&A Tool, this blog post made the point that some of the best use cases for AM would come from mundane parts, and what could be more so than brackets?

The past six years have proven just how right that prediction was and still is. While this publication has covered plenty of the splashy, attractive parts in the interim that Conrow cautioned against as potential distractions, we keep finding our way back to brackets, the functional, dependable joiners that hold our planes, cars and spacecraft together (among other things).

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