Additive Manufacturing Media – Article: How 3D Printing Enables Sustainability in a High-Turnover Consumer Market

Pengraff UK built its business initially providing mounting solutions for routers and telecommunications equipment, hardware with built-in obsolescence. 3D printing and sustainable materials enable the company to live its values while manufacturing products with a limited lifespan.

3D printing offers the ability to get a product off the ground quickly, without tooling and at lower cost than conventional manufacturing technologies. But if the 3D-printed product has only a temporary lifespan, there is a danger that this shortened supply chain is only speeding its journey to the landfill.

For Pengraff UK, a small business located in the United Kingdom, 3D printing has been an enabling technology for all the benefits listed above. Matthew and Rebekah initially purchased an Ultimaker 2+ in 2016 for their own hobby use. Since starting their business in 2017, they have now sold more than 20,000 3D printed products to customers in the UK and continental Europe. The couple were able to launch their business manufacturing mounting solutions for consumer electronics and providing prototypes along with design and print services, thanks to the cost savings and flexibility of 3D printing compared to conventional manufacturing methods.

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