Ultimaker / 3DGBIRE Case Study: 3D Printing 100% ROI Due to Everything Being Manufactured In-house

“3D printing has also given us the control to create and monitor our designs from start to finish, by allowing us to manufacture the products ourselves and maintaining the printing environment in the best way possible. We can more efficiently calculate print time, while keeping the quality at the highest standard. This is something we could not achieve if we outsourced. In addition, we can monitor our own carbon footprint which is incredibly important to us.”

Pengraff UK – Introduction
Are a small team with over 15 years Design and Mechanical Engineering experience which gives them a greater insight into the needs of their customers. As a small team, they have the advantage of being able to work more closely together to come up with innovative ideas, directly engaging with customers to gain feedback which then allows them to improve and develop their designs and enables Pengraff UK to push boundaries when creating new products.

As a new startup – it is incredibly important to Pengraff UK during these times of environmental change to contribute in any way they can to ensure the World stays a beautiful place to live. They do this by using suppliers that share the same passion and drive for sustainable 3D printing as them, and they create everything in the UK themselves with no outsourcing, which also allows them to have stricter control over their printing environment and maintains the highest quality for products.

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