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We design & create Prototypes, Racing spares and Bespoke parts for a variety of industries along with offering Design & Consultancy services using the latest technology in innovative Additive Manufacturing.  In addition, we continue to supply our best-selling ORIGINAL Mounting Solutions for TV / Internet & Telecommunications equipment utilising a skillset of Mechanical Engineering & Design expertise gained from over 15 years experience

We are the proud creator of the ORIGINAL mounting solution for the Sky Q Mini, Sky Q Booster,
Sky Q Hub, Sky SR101/102, EE Smart Hub, EE WIFI Hub, EE Smart WIFI Router, BT Home Hubs, BT Smart Hub 2,
NOW TV Hub Two, Youview Recordable TV Box, Plusnet & Suunto watches.**
With over 98,000 products sold Worldwide to happy customers and dedicated Sales channels – We are delighted that professional Tradespeople are also recommending our brand!

Based in Cambridgeshire, we design and create all our own products in-house using additive manufacturing. Pengraff UK® embraces all aspects of cutting edge 3D technology and was born out of a simple curiosity for this new innovative way of printing coupled with a desire to solve every day problems.
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products, made with environmentally friendly materials sourced from leading manufacturers and have a proven track record of excellent customer service and unrivalled quality.

3D Printer

How it all began…

A pot of savings was gathering dust and was utilised to buy a 3D printer, initially to explore the new technology and have fun creating items around the home. Our first creation was a simple bracket to support our BT Home Hub which was taking up space on a bookshelf. This led to us wondering whether other people may have a use for the same thing and so we tested the market on eBay with the FIRST EVER available mounting solutions for the Sky Q Mini, Sky Q Booster, Sky Q Hub and BT Home Hub 4,5 & 6 and Suunto watch travelling mount. Our popularity increased and so the business began…

…Sometime later: We have now sold THOUSANDS of items to happy customers all over the UK and Europe, have protected, registered designs and are highly recommended by the professionals, which is something we are incredibly proud of.

Our achievements include being the FIRST TO MARKET for several new products (including EE Smart Hub, EE Smart WIFI Router, BT Smart Hub 2, YouView Recordable TV Box and NOW TV Hub Two) & designing and creating products for the U.S Air Force and British Superbikes (BSB).  We are excited to sponsor True Heroes Racing a truly unique motorcycle race team, using the world of competitive motorsport to enthuse and refocus UK service personnel and Veterans – a cause which is very close to our hearts.

We regularly attend exhibitions and keep up to date with the developments in the 3D printing industry, this knowledge coupled with over 15 years of mechanical engineering and design expertise, allows us to better develop our products and provide solutions of the highest quality.  Our existing mounting solutions are designed to provide robust mounting for your items while being discreet enough that they do not detract from the aesthetics of the original product.
Pengraff UK® designs and creates everything in the UK. We never outsource as we want to be able to control the product and production environment ourselves. This not only gives us peace of mind, but we find it also gives our customers greater satisfaction to know that they can discuss products directly with the creators and that the items are made in the UK.

Beware of imitations

There are imitations of our products online and on public marketplaces, while this is flattering, these are NOT ORIGINAL solutions and do not provide the same level of support for your products. Our design incorporates well-known and trusted Lokt!® technology along with unique design features exclusive to Pengraff UK® .

Buying from Pengraff UK guarantees the highest quality and engineering that we have become renowned for. We are not the cheapest for a reason, which means that you are buying a product we stand behind and that will last.

Pengraff UK® is renowned because our focus for all designs is:


We are passionate about the environment and keeping the World a beautiful place to live, meaning that we source our material very carefully, being mindful of the damage that can be caused by using certain products.
Our preferred suppliers are companies that share the same values as us, while maintaining a drive for innovation and an aim to provide sustainable 3D printing:

Pengraff 3d printing use Filamentive products
Pengraff 3D Printing use 3D GBIRE products

In addition to our existing solutions, we are always looking at new ideas and welcome requests for bespoke creations.
If you have any queries or would like to know more – please get in touch.

**We are independent designers & creators of our own products and as such have no affiliation with Sky UK Limited, Sky Plc, Sky Ireland Limited, Sky Italia S.r.l, EE Ltd, BT Group Plc, Plusnet Plc, YouView TV Ltd or Suunto

All designs by Pengraff UK are protected by Intellectual Property Agreements & Copyright, which expressly forbids the reproduction and imitation of any designs / products / features without the express written permission of the Pengraff UK.  Any attempts to reproduce or imitate is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated.