Terms & Conditions

At Pengraff UK® we design and create our own unique products. We take pride in these products and ensure they are produced using the highest quality materials and stringently tested prior to selling.

We will always do our utmost to resolve any issues or queries with our Buyers provided we are contacted in the first instance and notified of a problem not less than 14 days after purchase. In the event we are not contacted, we cannot accept any liability for unresolved issues where the opportunity was not given to Pengraff UK® to act accordingly in the first instance.

Payment is due upon placement of order via Bank Transfer or PayPal payment. No goods shall be dispatched until such time as cleared payment is received in full, from the Buyer.  Large sales of 10 or more items may be queried if it is believed that a Buyer is looking to re-sell our products elsewhere. If you would like to sell our products, please contact us directly as per our information on Distributor Agreements within the Legal section of this page – We would love to talk with you!

We rely heavily on Royal Mail & 3rd Party Couriers to ensure that customer orders are delivered on time, while we can check on the status of an order; we cannot commit to a specific delivery timeframe on Royal Mail or a 3rd Party Couriers’ behalf. We know that delayed purchases are frustrating; we feel it too! We will do all we can to assist when there is an issue with delivery by checking tracking information and in such instances where the Royal Mail / 3rd Party Courier allotted timeframe for missing items has elapsed, we may send replacements to the Buyer as a gesture of goodwill. Please bear in mind that in many cases delays caused by postal & courier services are out of our control and are by no means a reflection on the high level of customer service we pride ourselves on.

Pengraff UK® guarantees all products for a period of not less than 6 months, provided that items are used solely for the purpose of which they are intended and in accordance with the manufacturers advice.

Damage caused by buyers during fitting / placement of our products or not used in accordance with that purpose for which the product was specified for use are exempt.

Tampering or alteration to any of our products will also render the Warranty null & void. Our Mounting Solutions are supplied with the highest quality fixing
hardware to provide the most secure mount for the product it was designed to support.  Should the Buyer choose not to use those fixings and use inferior affixing methods or hardware – Pengraff UK® accepts no liability for loss or damage. Such instances will also render the Warranty of our product null and void.

Return Requests may be opened not more than 30 days from date of sale. 

Items must be returned in the new original condition with original hardware. (Damage suspected to have been caused by the Buyer due to incorrect use / handling will not be considered) Incomplete items may be refunded at a lower rate than the original purchase price due to missing hardware / parts. 

Returns requested for items purchased incorrectly due to Buyer failure to read item listings / specifics / terms in full are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of Pengraff UK®.  Refund amounts will be for that of the item only and does not include original postage cost paid by the Buyer.

Should Buyer wish to return an item – All return postage costs are paid by the Buyer and are non-refundable except in cases where an item may be deemed faulty. 

We recommend for Buyer peace of mind and to be able to track the return, that items are sent using a Tracked service. Items not sent via a tracked service are at the sole discretion and responsibility of the Buyer.

We rely heavily on Royal Mail & 3rd Party Couriers for the services they provide and as such, until the item reaches the Buyer / is returned to us, the sole responsibility for the item is with Royal Mail / the 3rd Party Courier. In such instances that returns are lost in the postal system, we advise Buyers to contact Royal Mail or the 3rd Party Courier directly to make a claim. Refunds in such instances are at the discretion of Pengraff UK®.

Claims for physical damage to items caused by Royal Mail / 3rd Party Couriers which results in the denial of a refund should be taken up with Royal Mail / 3rd Party Courier directly by the Buyer. Any lost items which fail to return to Pengraff UK® may not receive a refund except at the discretion of Pengraff UK® as a gesture of goodwill.

Pengraff UK® & Lokt!® are registered trademarks. All designs / products / features / images & marketing material relating to such products / features remain the sole property of Rebekah EJ Farmer trading as Pengraff UK®. 

All designs / products / features are protected by Intellectual Property Agreements & Copyright which expressly forbids the reproduction and imitation of any designs / products / features without the express written permission of the owner. Any attempts to reproduce or imitate is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated. 

 All products supplied by Pengraff UK® are expected to be used in a safe and reasonable manner and for the purpose of which they were designed. We accept no liability for damage to persons / items / property for products which are used in any other way than that which the item is specifically designed and intended. Buyers looking for re-sale opportunities should contact us directly; Distributor agreements are dealt with separately via our legal team and engagement in such agreements is at the sole discretion of Pengraff UK®.

Pengraff UK® is a trading name of Rebekah EJ Farmer

**We are independent designers & creators of our own products and as such have no affiliation with Sky UK Limited, Sky Plc, Sky Ireland Limited, Sky Italia S.r.l, EE Ltd, BT Group Plc, Plusnet Plc, YouView TV Ltd or Suunto

All designs by Pengraff UK are protected by Intellectual Property Agreements & Copyright, which expressly forbids the reproduction and imitation of any designs / products / features without the express written permission of the Pengraff UK.  Any attempts to reproduce or imitate is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated.