With over 15 years Mechanical Engineering and design expertise,
we are well placed to offer Consultancy, Prototyping and Design & Print services
in addition to our innovative products

“The great thing about 3D printing is the flexibility it gives us to work remotely while on-site. Having the ability to be mobile means a faster turnaround and a hands-on interaction between us and our customers, giving them a greater understanding of the work we do and saves us precious time avoiding emails and phone calls to discuss tweaking designs to make everything perfect.”

– Rebekah Farmer, Business Owner, Pengraff UK

We have a rapidly growing client base ranging from individuals with custom project requirements through to larger established companies that we provide working parts to for equipment installations and products. This includes the U.S Air Force, where a recurring problem encountered by aircraft maintenance teams on the newly received MC-130J Commando II in 2016 was solved by a unique creation to provide a working part under the Airman Innovation Project which was undertaken by Matthew during active duty as an Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman.

Having previously also supplied parts to teams competing in British Superbikes, this year we are incredibly proud to be sponsoring and supplying parts to True Heroes Racing, a truly unique motorcycle race team, supporting injured service people from all services.  This is a great cause which is especially close to our hearts owing to our own Military background.

“We love the challenge working with new individuals and companies brings –
helping others to make their vision a reality is what we are great at!”

– Matthew Farmer, Pengraff UK

Below you can find some of examples of our recent bespoke products and prototyping work
(Please note, owing to client confidentiality not all projects can be shown)

Chain Holder for the Ducati Panigale 

Secures the chain during wheel changes for greater efficiency.

Printed on-site at Oulton Park BSB May 4th – 6th, 2019

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Photo Credit – True Heroes Racing 2019

Chain Mount Design – Copyright Pengraff UK 2019